A long string of events followed that conversation with God involving Abraham and Isaac. Some of which you can read here. I won’t go into much further detail because while I’m pretty willing to be transparent with the interwebs; boundaries y’all. If you want to hear a fuller version of my story, let’s grab coffee sometime.

If you don’t want to navigate to a different post, here’s what it boils down to. I ultimately decided not to go to Spain, but because I’d left my job and couldn’t find a permanent one in Chicago I moved to Florida where I had a job offer. While I could say it was a massive mistake to move to Florida I believe it was purposed by the Lord. He provided a reprieve I needed to make some decisions I needed to make and used my circumstances to highlight a few huge areas of unrepentant sin in my life.

I found myself jobless {again}. In Florida 20+ hours from everyone I loved. Processing the emotional aftermath of a broken engagement. Homesick for Chicago. And at a crossroads. 

I was tired. Tired of moving. Tired of starting over. Tired of being known, but not really. Tired of running away. Tired of carefully crafting stories to cover other stories.


At a crossroads.

Ready to listen.

Journey {not} to Spain | When God “Speaks” | Don’t be a Lone Ranger Christian | Crossroads |Say the hard things {part one} | Say the hard things {part two}


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